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Day 1 (October 14, 2017) Session Program

Session 1 starts at 2:00 pm; Session 2 at 2:55 pm; Session 3 at 3:50 pm; and Session 4 at 4:45 pm. Each session includes a paper presentation (30 minutes), plus questions and answers afterward.

Room #1

 SATO Mitsushige, Moderator

 1. KOIZUMI Yumiko  Keio University (Graduate)

 A Hero Tumbles in Trumbull’s M’Fingal (1782)


 2. MORIMOTO Hikari  Kyoto University (Graduate)

 The Index of the Sun, the Mysteries of Heaven: The Iconography of "The Gold-Bug" and Stylus


 TAKAHASHI Tsutomu, Moderator

 3. OGURA Michiaki  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Graduate)

 Silent Friendship: (Im)possibility of Intimate Reading in Henry David Thoreau’s A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers


 KUBO Takuya, Moderator                                

 4. KOJIMA Naoto  Hosei University

 The American Dream in Venice: The Romance of Reunion and Howellsian Realism in A Foregone Conclusion

Room # 2

    FUJIE Keiko, Moderator

    1. Jorge García Arroyo  Kagoshima University (Graduate)

    The Plaza Mayor in Herman Melville's Works: A Place of Interaction between Power and Rebellion


    2. TAURA Koichiro  Seikei University (Graduate)

    Is Blubber Mere Blubber?: Whaling in Moby-Dick


    HASHIMOTO Yasunaka, Moderator

    3. NARA Yumiko  Tokyo University of Science, Suwa

    What Is a Hero?: Melville's "Hawthorne and His Mosses," Pierre and Carlyle's On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History


    4. FUJIMOTO Yukinobu  Yamaguchi University

    Bartleby Declines Relief from the Lawyer: Rethinking Melville's Ideal of Democracy and its Humanitarian Ethics

Room # 3

    NAKANISHI Kayoko, Moderator

    1. OHNO Setsuko  Kyushu Institute of Technology

    Is College Useful?: Academic Intelligence and Practical Intelligence in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 



    2. TOYAMA Kenji  Yamaguchi University

    Islam in American Literature: Second Report


    MAEDA Kazuhira, Moderator

    3. KURABAYASHI Hideo  Kyorin University

    Ernest Hemingway's Acquisition of Prose Style in His High School Days


    4. NOMA Shoji  Bukkyo University

    The Sufferings of a Returned Soldier: A Reading of Hemingway's "Soldier's Home"

Room # 4

SASAKI Mari, Moderator

    1. MIYAZAWA Yuki  Hokkaido University (Graduate)

Edith Wharton's Ghost Stories and the Psychical Research


 2. SHIMIZU Satoko Kyushu Sangyo University

Straying Pioneer Woman: On Two-Faced Sapphira in Sapphira and the Slave Girl


 NAKACHI Sachi, Moderator

 3. KOTO Sachiko  Gifu City Women's College

 Spatial Representations and Identity: Richard Wright’s Native Son and 12 Million Black Voices


 4MATSUMOTO Noboru  Kokushikan University 

 The Literary Magazine in the Harlem Renaissance: Fire!!

Room # 5

    YAMAMOTO Yuko, Moderator

     1. MATSUSHITA Saya  Kyushu University (Graudate)

     Passing the Border: The Loss of Innocence on Performance in Light in August


     2. KANAHIRO Akira  Nara Teachers College of Early Childhood Education (Part-time)

     Go Faster: Reading The Snopes Trilogy from the Perspective of Dromology


     MORI Arinori, Moderator

     3. KANAZAWA Satoshi  Kyoto Women's University

     Problems of Authorship in William Faulkner's Pylon


     SATOUCHI Katsumi, Moderator

     4. GONDA Kenji  Seikei University

     “A Fiction of Law and Custom”: Race and Law in Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson

Room # 6

    1. No Session


    FUKASE Yukiko, Moderator

    2. HAYASHI Hikari  Osaka University (Graduate)

    The Convent Women's Alternative Writing in Toni Morrison's Paradise


    MORI Aoi, Moderator

    3. NISHIMITSU Kisho  Kwansei Gakuin University (Graduate)

    Photography and Testimony in Love


    4. NAGAO Mayuki  Osaka University (Graduate)

    Education in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Room # 7

    KAWAMURA Aki, Modeartor

    1. YAMAMOTO Rena  Osaka University (Graduate)

    Letters and Memories in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated


    2. Ng Lay Sion  Osaka University (Graduate)

    Post-gender and the Biological Body in Don DeLillo's Zero K

    MURAYAMA Mizuho, Moderator

    3. NAKAMURA Rika  Seijo University

    “The Perpetrator’s Tale”: The “Comfort Women” Figures and the Trauma of the “Unjust Victims” in Chang-rae Lee’s A Gesture Life

    FUROMOTO Atsuko, Moderator

    4. IWASE Yuka  Toyo University

    Between Anna and Her Mother: Aspects of Care in Elizabeth Nunez’s Novels

Room # 8

    EDA Takaomi, Moderator

    1. YOSHIDA  Aya  The University of Shiga Prefecture

    Paterson, a Place for the Poem: William Carlos Williams's American Epic


    2. UESUGI Yuko  National Institute of Technology, Kure College

    “Every woman adores a Fascist”: Sylvia Plath's Gender Perspectives in the Poems of Deflection


    MATSUDA Juichi, Moderator

    3. KAZAHAYA Yuka  Okayama Prefectural University

    Why is He Being Observed?: Reading Joel Oppenheimer’s “The Man Observed through the Window”


    4. AZUMA Yuuichirou  Komazawa University

    The Branch Will Not Break by James Wright

Room # 9

    OHNO Kumi, Moderator

    1. NAKAYAMA Hiroki  Osaka University (Graduate)

    Beyond Conflicts in Family: Patriarchy and Racial Inheritance in Fences


    2. FUJIKURA Hitomi  Juntendo University

    Mixture of Gender in M. Butterfly


    HARA Shigeyoshi, Moderator

    3. THEADO Matthew  Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

    “I'll Know My Song Well”: Songwriting Revolutions in Bob Dylan's Early Years


    4. No Session

Room # 10

 ONO Shinichiro, Moderator

 1. NISHIMURA Ruriko  Osaka University (Graduate)

 The Arbitrariness of Normality and the Tragedy of America in The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?


 2. MURAKAMI Haruka  Osaka University (Graduate)

 What One Seeks in the End: The Lady from Dubuque as an Entanglement of Parallel Worlds


 TOTANI Yoko, Moderator

 3. MINATO Keiji  Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts

 Assessing History through the Broadway Musical: Hamilton: An American Musical and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


 KISHI Masayuki, Moderator

 4. AIHARA Naomi  Chiba Institute of Technology

 Greening Tennessee Williams: Nature in Suddenly Last Summer

Day 2 (October 15, 2017)


 11:55 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

 Room #1

 Teaching American Literature in English

 How to Use American Literary Works in the Language Classroom -- The Great Gatsby’s Case

 Moderator and Panelist:  SEKIDO Fuyuhiko  (Dokkyo University)

KURABAYASHI Hideo (Kyorin University)
KAWADA Eisuke (University of Tsukuba)

 Room #2

  Kyushu Henry James Society

  American Literature and Neuroscience

 Moderator and Panelist:  SAITO SonokoUniversity of Kitakyushu
 Keynote Speaker
 and  Panelist:

Jane F. Thrailkill University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


SUNAGAWA Noriko (Kyushu Lutheran College
 Wayne E. Arnold
University of Kitakyushu


 1:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

 I ALSJ Tohoku Branch

 The Counterculture Reconsidered

 Moderator: MURAKAMI Akira, Akita University

NAKAGAKI Kotaro, Daito Bunka University

OMORI Akio, Kyoai Gakuen University

IDE Tatsuro, Tohoku Gakuin University

 II ALSJ Kyushu Branch

 Drama, Theater, Performance & Beyond: Showcasing Research Methods

 Moderator and Panelist: OKAMOTO Tasuke (Kyushu University)

OTA Kazuaki  (Kyushu University, Professor Emeritus)

HIRATA Eiichiro (Keio University)

SAKAI Takashi (Fukuoka University)

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