1. ALSJ The 50th General Meeting Kansai University

ALSJ The 50th General Meeting Kansai University

Day 1 (October 8, 2011) Session Program

Session 1 starts at 2:00 pm; Session 2 at 2:55 pm; Session 3 at 3:50 pm; and Session 4 at 4:45 pm. Each session includes a paper presentation (30 minutes), plus questions and answers afterward.

Room # 1

  1. (no session)
  2. KIDO Mitsuyo, Moderator

  3. TASHIMA Yuko (Kyushu University) (Graduate),

    “The Motifs of Air Flow and Stagnation in The House of the Seven Gables”

  4. TAKEDA Yuichi, Moderator

  5. KUBO Kiyoka (Tsurumi University) (Part-Time Lecturer),

    “The Significance of ‘Model’ in The Marble Faun: Where Are the Sinners Going?”

  6. SHIMOKOBE Michiko (Seikei University),

    “Anxiety of Being Terrorists in America: Violence and Terror in N. Hawthorne’s ‘Legends of the Province-House’”

Room # 2

    NISHITANI Takuya, Moderator

  1. TAKASE Yuko (Seikei University) (Graduate),

    “From Mother’s Son to National Father: King’s Change in A Romance of the Republic”

  2. OGURA Michiaki (Rikkyo University) (Graduate),

    “Melville’s Imagination for Cuba and ‘The Two Temples’”

  3. MAKINO Arimichi, Moderator

  4. FUJIE Keiko (Ehime University),

    “The Cosmography of ‘The Piazza’ by Herman Melville――An ‘inland voyage to fairy-land’ on a Planetary Scale”

  5. TAKAHASHI Tsutomu (Kyushu University),

    “Captain Delano in Massachusetts: ‘Benito Cereno’ and Anti-Slavery Movement”

Room # 3

    MIZUNO Naoyuki, Moderator

  1. KAMO Hidetaka (Hitotsubashi University) (Graduate),

    “Ghost Haunting Market: On the Idea of Gift in Henry James’s Works”

  2. OKUBO Ryoko (National Defense Academy of Japan),

    “Mark Twain in the Twentieth-Century: Searching for a Way to Confront the Repressed”

  3. MURAYAMA Atsuhiko, Moderator

  4. TSUCHIYA Yoko (Nagoya University) (Graduate),

    “‘The Spirit of the Barnes’ vs. ‘The Spirit of the Time’ in The Bulwark: Aunt Hester as ‘A Door to a Different World’”

  5. SHIMIZU Satoko (Kyushu Sangyo University),

    “A Hero Who Is Captured by a Big Trap and Who Never Wakes Up from a ‘Dream’: The Meaning of Claude Wheeler's Life”

Room # 4

    TANAKA Takako, Moderator

  1. IKEDA Sachie (Hiroshima University) (Graduate),

    “The Encounter between Hollywood and Literature in The Last Tycoon: Fitzgerald and Modernism”

  2. YAMAMOTO Yuko (Kyoto Notre Dame University),

    “Paradise Regained: Initiation into Old Age in Faulkner's Final Work, The Reivers”

  3. TAKANO Yasushi, Moderator

  4. WAKAMATSU Masaaki (Hiroshima University) (Graduate),

    “Hemingway's Dimensions in Green Hills of Africa”

  5. TSUKADA Yukihiro (Kwansei Gakuin University),

    “Faces and Battles: Hemingway, Ivens, Political Spain”

Room # 5

  1. (no session)
  2. NISHIGAUCHI Marumi, Moderator

  3. FUKASE Yukiko (Tokyo University of Science),

    “Janie’s Self-Help: Their Eyes Were Watching God and the New Deal”

  4. YOSHIOKA Shizuyo, Moderator

  5. TSUJI Hideo (Tokyo Metropolitan University),

    “Another Country: Style and the Representation of Place in James Baldwin’s Another Country”

  6. MATSUMOTO Noboru (Kokushikan University),

    “Common Points between My Grandfather's Ghost and Greek Tragedy: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man”

Room # 6

    ITOH Akira, Moderator

  1. MATSUMOTO Yuki (Osaka University) (Graduate),

    “Looking for ‘America’: The Traveling Exile, Immigrant, and Cosmopolitan in East Goes West”

  2. NAKAMURA Rika, Moderator

  3. YOSHIOKA Yuka (Kobe University) (Graduate),

    “Driving on Highway 99: Representations of Moving and Identity in Poetry of Lawson Inada and Gary Snyder”

  4. FUROMOTO Atsuko,Moderator

  5. IWASE Yuka (Toyo University),

    “Caliban’s Children in America: Aspects of Caribbean Immigrants in Elizabeth Nunez's Grace”

  6. (no session)

Room # 7

  1. (no session)
  2. WELLS Keiko, Moderator

  3. SEKINE Michiyo (Dokkyo University) (Graduate),

    “Whitman’s Representation of the Prairies: From Expansionism to Regionalism”

  4. BEPPU Keiko,Moderator

  5. ABE Masahiko (The University of Tokyo),

    “Reticence and Poetry: Wallace Stevens’s Later Works”

  6. TAKACHI Jun’ichiro (J. F. Oberlin University) (Professor Emeritus),

    “Later Poems of Gary Snyder: No Nature and Nothing of Supra-Koan”

Room # 8

    TATSUMI Takayuki, Moderator

  1. GOTO Atsushi (Osaka University) (Graduate),

    “Touching the "Tangle of Thorns": Cruelty of "Aesthetics" in Lolita”

  2. YAGURA Takashi (Osaka University) (Graduate),

    “Beyond the Crisis of Literature: Reciprocal Substitutions between Writers and Terrorists in Don DeLillo’s Mao II”

  3. SHIMOJO Keiko, Moderator

  4. SHIMA Katsuya (Hiroshima University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “The Battle between Nations and Transnational Corporations in Heinlein's Between Planets”

  5. NAGANO Yoshihiro (Sophia Junior College),

    “The Care of the Self in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest”

Room # 9

    TAKESHIMA Tatsuya, Moderator

  1. AMANO Takashi (Osaka University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “Staging ‘Tragedy of Japan’: (Im)Mobility in Madame Butterfly”

  2. SAEKI Keiko (Prefectural University of Hiroshima),

    “Finishing the Play with Finishing the Picture”

  3. KISHI Masayuki, Moderator

  4. FUJITA Atsushi (Aichi Gakuin University),

    “Geoffrey Nauffts’ Next Fall as a post AIDS drama”

  5. TOTANI Yoko (Ochanomizu University),

    “Tennessee Williams and the Avant-garde”

Day 2 (October 9, 2011)


11:55 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

Room #1

Using Primary Sources for Research

Moderator and Speaker UZAWA Yoshiko, Keio University

ISHIHARA Tsuyoshi, Waseda University

OCHI Hiromi, Hitotsubashi University

FUJII Hikaru, Doshisha University

Room #2

At the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Death of Ernest Hemingway: New Approaches Proposed by Compilation of The Hemingway Encyclopedia

(The Hemingway Society of Japan)

Moderator OMORI Akio, Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College

IMAMURA Tateo, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University

SHIMAMURA Norio, Chuo University

MANABE Akiko, Shiga University


1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Room #1

AMERICA-IKIMONOGATARI: Animal Representation in American Literature and Culture

Moderator and Panelist TSUJIMOTO Yoko, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

UKUOKA Kazuko, Kyoto University (Professor Emeritus)

TSUJI Kazuhiko, Kinki University

HATOOKA Keita, Meiji University

Commentators and Panelists

FUJIOKA Nobuko, Nagoya Institute of Technology

SUGAWARA Kazuyoshi, Kyoto University

Room #2

Henry James and His Age: Economy, Mass Media, Technology

Moderator and Panelist TSUTSUMI Chikako, Baiko Gakuin University

EBINE Shizue, Ochanomizu University (Professor Emeritus)

NAKAI Seiichi, Shimane University

NAKAMURA Yoshio, Notre Dame Seishin University