Admission Guidelines

The ALSJ operates under a federal system comprised of seven branches.

  • To become a member, please read the rules of the Society and contact the branch of your area. (Branches are listed below)
  • Admission formalities may vary with branches. For further information, please read the HP of your branch.

For information about a supporting membership, please contact the executive office.

ALSJ members can present papers at the national conference and contribute papers to ALSJ journals.

Members must pay membership fees both to the ALSJ and to the proper local branch through its office. Both fees are paid to each branch office. Please contact the branch office of your area. (branches are listed below)



ALSJ Rules


The Society is named The American Literature Society of Japan and we have the executive office in one of the branches.


The ALSJ is dedicated to the study of American literature for the purpose of promoting exchange with academic organizations both at home and abroad through the publication of research findings.


The ALSJ accomplishes its purposes through the following projects:

  1. National Conference
  2. Publication of ALSJ journals
  3. Publication of the ALSJ bulletin
  4. Other projects considered necessary

The ALSJ consists of branches in each of the seven regions (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokyo, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku-Shikoku, and Kyushu).

Each branch sets down its own rules.


ALSJ members are to agree with the objectives stated in Article 2 and pay the annual membership fee of \4,000 through the appropriate branch.

*Fee for Maintenance members \15,000/year

*Fee for Supporting members \30,000/year


The ALSJ has officers as below. The tenure of the board is 2 years and reappointment is not precluded.

President/ 1 Vice president/ 1
Auditors/ 2 Council Members/ varies
Secretaries/ varies Editorial Board Members/ varies

Conference Committee Members/ varies

  1. The president represents the ALSJ and is elected from among the members of the council.
  2. The vice president supports the president and represents him in his absence. The vice president is also elected from among the members of the council.
  3. Auditors oversee the finances and administration of the ALSJ.
  4. Council members are elected by each branch.
  5. Secretaries are in charge of the business of the ALSJ under the direction of the president.
  6. Editorial Board members are commissioned by the president to edit the journals.
    Editorial Board consists of board members elected by each branch and of those elected by the Council.
  7. A. Conference committee members deliberate and decide important issues relevant to the national conference.

    B. Conference committee members, who are elected by each branch, constitute the committee.

    C. The branch hosting the national conference can elect a few more committee members.


The ALSJ may have advisors. The president entrusts the advisors with the approval of the council. The advisors consult the council on important issues.


The AJSL has a general meeting once a year in principle.

The ALSJ membership fee

The ALSJ membership fee
The membership fee for the ALSJ is ¥5,000 / year.
Fees for local branch memberships may vary with branches.