1. ALSJ The 52nd General Meeting Meiji Gakuin University

ALSJ The 52nd General Meeting Meiji Gakuin University

Day 1 (October 12, 2013) Session Program

Session 1 starts at 2:00 pm; Session 2 at 2:55 pm; Session 3 at 3:50 pm; and Session 4 at 4:45 pm. Each session includes a paper presentation (30 minutes), plus questions and answers afterward.

Room # 1

    HASHIMOTO Yasunaka, Moderator

  1. KASANE Yui (Hitotsubashi University)(Graduate),

    “The Influence of Burkean Conservatism in Billy Budd, Sailor”

  2. OTAKE Yu (Seikei University) (Graduate),

    “Claggart’s Death in Herman Melville, Billy Budd, Sailor”

  3. FUKUOKA Kazuko, Moderator

  4. TAKAHASHI Ai (Tokuyama College of Technology),

    “Care of/by a Man in Herman Melville’s ‘Benito Cereno’”

  5. TAKEUCHI Mikako (Keio University),

    “Foregrounding Otherness: Ralph Ellison’s Interpretation of Melville’s Work”

Room # 2

  1. (no session)
  2. TAKAHASHI Tsutomu, Moderator

  3. KOKUBO Junko (Otsuma Women’s University),

    “The Reversed Narrative: A Political Aspect of Hawthorne's ‘The Pygmies’”

  4. FUJITA Yoshiko, Moderator

  5. HAYASHI Nanoka (Kyushu University) (Graudate),

    “Reconsidering Thoreau’s Theory of ‘higher laws’: Its Origin and Concept as Related to ‘the builder of a temple, called his body’”

  6. HORIUCHI Masaki (Waseda University),

    “’Are you victimizable?’: Emerson’s Way of Going Beyond the modern Western Self

Room # 3

    NAKAGAKI Kotaro, Moderator

  1. BESSHO Takahiro (Doshisha University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “The Last Dream that Mark Twain Dreamed: No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger in the Context of Travel Writings”

  2. NAMOTO Tatsuya, Moderator

  3. MATSUURA Megumi (Ochanomizu University) (Graduate),

    “’Things’ and ‘the Free Spirit’: Ethics in The Spoils of Poynton”

  4. KAMO Hidetaka (Kokugakuin Univeristy) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “Gift of Sight: Economy of Sight in Daisy Miller”

  5. EBINE Shizue, Moderator

  6. TSUTSUMI Chikako (Baiko Gakuin Univeristy),

    “Venice as the stage setting in The Wings of the Dove”

Room # 4

    SENAHA Eijun, Moderator

  1. KATO Yoshihiro (Kitazato University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “On What Causes Theft in Katherine Anne Porter’s ‘Theft’”

  2. KATSUI Kei (Kwansei Gakuin University)(Part-time Lecturer),

    “Eating Fish, Eating Christ: The Mixture of Medicine and Religion in The Old Man and the Sea”

  3. OMOTI Akio, Moderator

  4. TAMURA Eri (Hitotsubashi University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “It Was a Long Speech for Her”: From the Voices of the ‘Indian Girl’ in Hemingway’s Works”

  5. FAIRBANKS SUGIMOTO Kaori (Bunkyo Gakuin University),

    “Toward the World War II version of In Our Time: Unpublished Short Stories on WWII and Hemingway in the 1950’s”

Room # 5

    MISUGI Keiko, Moderator

  1. CHIBA Yohei (University of Tsukuba) (Graduate),

    “Cultural History of Informational Genres in John Dos Passos’ U.S.A. ”

  2. ASO Atsushi, Moderator

  3. YAGURA Takashi (Osaka University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “Nostalgia for the Future: The Economical and Epistemological Exploitation in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis”

  4. SUGIYAMA Naoko, Moderator

  5. YOSHIDA Kei (Kyushu University) (Graduate),

    “‘I Just Wanted to Go Home’: Ravenous Women in Toni Morrison's Paradise”

  6. YAMAUCHI Ryo (Kagawa University),

    “Reading Zora Neale Hurston's Racial Consciousness in the Representations of Masculinity in Their Eyes Were Watching God”

Room # 6

    KOGA Tetsuo, Moderator

  1. TANIOKA Tomomi (Hiroshima Shudo University),

    “The Meaning of “Ecologue” in Ginsberg’s The Fall of America (1972)”

  2. TAKACHI Junichiro (Oberlin University) (Professor Emeritus),

    “Poet Having No Subject Composes Relying upon Style―On the Three Major Longer Poems of Wallace Stevens”

  3. NAGAHATA Akitoshi,Moderator

  4. MISOE Atsuro (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “The Elements of Life Style”

  5. NISHIHARA Katsumasa (Kanto Gakuin University),

    “Significance and Future of Poetry in Translation: Shichinosuke Anzai and Takashi Kojima”

Room # 7

  1. (no session)
  2. HARA Eriko, Moderator

  3. ANADA Rie (Kinki University) (Part-time Lecturer),

    “Sexuality and Life in Suzan-Lori Parks’s The Red Letter Plays”

  4. OKAMOTO Tasuke, Moderator

  5. SATO Rino, (Ochanomizu University) (Graduate),

    “Suzan-Lori Parks and Black Lincoln: The Theatrical Making of “History” in The America Play and Topdog / Underdog”

  6. YAMAMOTO Hideyuki, Moderator

  7. HIBINO Kei (Seikei University),

    “Why Does Biff Specifically Tell There Were Eleven Flights He Ran Down to Get Out of Bill Oliver’s Office?: “A Heightened Sense of Awareness” in Death of a Salesman”

Room # 8

    YOSHIDA Kyoko, Moderator

  1. GARLINGTON Ian Stuart (Osaka University) (Graduate),

    “The Function of Fragmented Narration in the Illuminatus! Trilogy”

  2. WAKASHIMA Tadashi,Moderator

  3. HIRANUMA Kimiko (University of Tsukuba) (Graduate),

    “Unresolved Mystery of Racial Identity in Walter Mosley’s Devil in a Blue Dress”

  4. OHNO Setsuko (Kyushu Institute of Technology),

    “Moving between the Masculine and the Sentimental: Soundscape in The Plastic Age”

  5. (no session)

Day 2 (October 13, 2013)


11:55 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

Room #1

Using American Literature for Debating, Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading in the Language Classroom

Moderator and Speaker SEKIDO Fuyuhiko、Rikkyo University (Part-time Lecturer)

KURABAYASHI Hideo, Kyorin University

FUKAYA Motoko, Keio University (Part-time Lecturer)


1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Room #1

Early American Literature and New York

Moderator and Panelist WAKABAYASHI Makiko, Aoyama Gakuin University

SAITO Noboru, Rissho University

TSUJI Shoko, Matsuyama University

SATO Kenichi, Tokyo University of Science

Room #2

Postmodernism、SF, Criticism

Moderator and Panelist TAKAHASHI Fumiaki, Hachinohe Institute of Technology

TAKAHASHI Tetsunori, Tohoku Institute of Technology

NAKAYAMA Satomi, Japan Coast Guard Academy