The Journal of 

the American Literature

Society of Japan No.14



  1 Takayuki TATSUMI 

      The Humanities Strike Back


  5 Shosuke KINUGAWA
      Taking Yet Mistaking: Puns in “The Purloined Letter”

19 Teppei KURUMA
      “Close, Cool, High”: Hart Crane’s “Southern Cross” and Mobilizing a Distant Closeness

39 Masaomi KOBAYASHI
      Bartlebys Diversified: Miss Lonelyhearts and Office Fiction

57 Mariko AKITA
     “A Jewish Writer” as an Oxymoron: Cynthia Ozick’s Self-Contradiction in Story-Making in       

     “Usurpation   (Other People’s Stories)”

69 Hiroyuki INOUE
      The Hi Lo Palimpsest: Remapping the West(ern) in Bobby Jack Smith, You Dirty Coward!

  86  New Arrivals

 105 ALSJ General Meeting Program and Symposia Proceedings

 112 Contributors

 113 Call for Submissions

 114 The ALSJ Young Scholar Award for 2015

 115 The American Literature Society of Japan Copyright Policy