1. The Journal 2 2003

The Journal 2 2003

The Journal of the American Literature

Society of Japan No.2

(SAL Cumulative No.40)(英文号)



1MUKAI Kumiko The Social and Artistic Avant-Garde in The Scarlet Letter: The Meaning of Embroidery
19Keiko MIYAJIMA Spatializing the Self: Places of Experience in Henry James, William James, and Kitaro Nishida
39MATSUOKA Shinya Historicized Narrations in Faulkner’s Appendix to The Sound and the Fury: Creating a Whole from Fragments?
55SUWABE Koichi The Case of the Femme Fatale: A Poetics of Hardboiled Detective Fiction
73NAGANO Fumika Surviving the Perpetual Winter: The Role of Little Boy in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle
91Hikaru Fujii A World beyond Reach: Paul Auster’s Poetry
107New Arrivals
123ALSJ General Meeting Program and Symposia Proceedings