1. The Journal 4 2005

The Journal 4 2005

The Journal of the American Literature

Society of Japan No.4

(SAL Cumulative No.42)(英文号)



1Masaomi KOBAYASHI Steinbeck and Vegetarianism: An Ecocritical Perspective on The Grapes of Wrath
19Kazuhiko YAMAGUCHI Magic Realism, Two Hyper-Consumerisms, and the Diaspora Subject in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest
37Koichiro YAMAUCHI “Analytic Lyric?”: A Reading of Michael Palmer’s Poetry
57Hikaru FUJI Where the Tide Rises and Ebbs: Power Becoming, and “America” in Steve Erickson’s Rubicon Beach

Book Review

76Susan PAVLOSKA Etsuko TAKETANI, U.S. Women Writers and the Dicourses of Colonialism, 1825-1861
80New Arrivals
96ALSJ General Meeting Program and Symposia Proceedings
112Forum: The Future of American Literary Scholarship in Japan