1. The Journal 5 2006

The Journal 5 2006

The Journal of the American Literature

Society of Japan No.5

(SAL Cumulative No.43)(英文号)



1Midori ASAHINA “Pursuing you in your transitions" :
Reading the Epistolary Exchanges between Emily Dickinson and Helen Hunt Jackson
21Greg BEVAN Beyond the Father and Son:
The Rise of Modem Morocco in Bowles' The Spider's House
34Yuri SAKUMA Montage of a Dream Deferred:
Langston Hughes, Harlem, and Jazz in the 1940s
54Michio ARIMITSU A Counter-Sign in the Punch Line:
The Tragi-Comic Blending of ldentities in Ralph EIlison's
Invisible Man
72Keiko SHIMOJO Solo Performance of the Private “eye/l " in Paul Auster's Ghosts

Book Review

90Scott PUGH ISHIHARA,Tsuyoshi. Mark Twain in Japan:
The Cultural Reception of American Icon.
Columbia and London: U of Missouri P, 2005.
94Mary A. KNIGHTON lkuko FUJIHIRA, Noel POLK, HisaoTANAKA, Editors.
History and Memory in Faulkner's Novels
(Tokyo: Shohakusha Publishing Co.,2005)
100New Arrivals
117ALSJ General Meeting Program and Symposia Proceedings