1. The Journal 9 2010

The Journal 9 2010

The Journal of the American Literature

Society of Japan No.9

(SAL Cumulative No.47)(英文号)



1Chiaki ISHIKAWA Modernizing Sex:
Nella Larsen in the Era of Marriage Reform
19Naomi MIYAZAWA Puffing a Balloon:
Edgar Allan Poe's Balloon Stories and the Journalism Revolution
37Kaori HORIUCHI The Resistance of the Privatized Body:
Tattoos as a Site of Conflict in Flannery O'Connor's “Parker's Back”
53Masaomi KOBAYASHI “Paranoid Android” to “Some Chimp in the Zoo”:
Personhood, Paul Auster, and Moon Palace
71Book Review
74New Arrivals
85ALSJ General Meeting Program and Symposia Proceedings